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International & Expatriates

With the UK having a long-standing reputation for growth and stability, it has always been a popular and attractive proposition for international investors and expatriates to purchase UK property assets.

International and expatriate mortgages come with a unique set of challenges when trying to arrange mortgage finance, which is why we have chosen to have consultants based in Singapore to assist with the management of our client relationships throughout the Asia Pacific. When considering the cross-jurisdictional legal requirements, time zone differences and the foreign currencies, it comes as no surprise that this is an area of finance which comes with a need for specialist care and attention.

Providence Global Finance have a strong track record of assisting those based overseas who may be purchasing the first investment property or adding to their existing portfolio. We are proud to hold close relationships with a variety of mainstream financial institutions, specialist lenders and private banks, which allows us to search the market for a loan facility which best fits your requirements.

With the ever-changing rules around treatment of taxation on rental income, we are also able to accommodate more complex acquisition structures for international investors who may wish to acquire their asset through onshore or offshore limited companies, partnerships and trusts.

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