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Our Statement

We are at the beginning of the next chapter in the world of Financial Services and I have given a great amount of thought to what this means to me and how this should shape our offering and represent our identity in the modern day marketplace. The word “providence” means “the timely preparation for future eventualities”. To us, this stands for much of what we represent. We financially prepare those who engage with us for what life brings to them. We aim to plan with foresight to prepare for both the financially better times and the untimely or potentially devastating ones too.

 In the early stages of 2021, amidst a national COVID-19 lock down, I took a bold gamble and resigned from my former position in pursuit of a personal vision. My aim is to collaborate a variety of services and deliver a new customer experience, where all services can be proactively managed using the latest financial technology. After a career of selling only mortgage products to customers based here in the UK and worldwide, I began to recognise that the majority of similar financial advisers  continue to do the same and stick so rigidly to a single service model which is often linear with its advice and onerous in its process to the client. Whilst I have gained an appreciation for the extensive efforts it commands for a broker to successfully write lots of mortgages, I ask myself: what about their clients and their other personal financial needs and risks?

Personal experience and service to the industry tells me that clients most often fund their lifestyles and retirement around their property assets, pension and investment plans. Most customers would agree that they are all somewhat interlinked; so why should they not be reviewed and managed together? The truth is that there are very few brokers in the UK who have the depth of experience to advise on it all and there are even fewer who have technology to support the management of this multiple service structure under one roof.


I believe that there is a growing need for a more modern and dynamic offering to step in and begin to look after the overarching financial needs of every customer.

 Providence Global Finance are here to deliver exactly this and I hope that you will come and join us. 

Yours sincerely, 

Marcus Docker 

Lead Adviser 

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