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Wills & Trusts

What happens after we die? Some would interpret this as a spiritual question, whereas others would suggest it is about what happens to their assets and personal belongings.

A will is a legally binding document which sets out exactly what you would like to happen when you pass away. This can include matters such as how you would like your estate shared between your loved ones and funeral arrangements. Without a written will in place, the arrangements can be left to the laws of intestacy, which means that you have no influence over how you wish to leave your personal affairs.

Many people choose to set up a trust which is a legal agreement which will ensure that the benefit of any successful protection policy claim is held separately to a person’s estate. This can help speed up a claim and minimise any inheritance tax liabilities for loved ones.

Setting up a trust is complicated, and it is vital that you get professional help to ensure that the distribution of your estate is done in accordance with your wishes.

Providence Global Finance are partnered with professional will writing services who can provide you with expert advice and support in making crucial and difficult decisions about the future of your assets and the creation of the trust.

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