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Development and Development Exit Finance

At a time when it is crucial for the UK to be building greater numbers of new homes, Providence Global Finance support professional developers and housebuilders to help them achieve their ambitions whilst simultaneously contributing to the solution in the shortage of national housing. Developers are often limited because of the complexities that arise when arranging this type of finance and may be unaware of which lenders to approach with their projects to have the greatest chance of success.

We are committed to giving our developers unrestricted access to development financiers from across the market to help them secure the most suitable funding solution. We are there in support through to the very end because we believe that we can build something great together. Once the development project is approaching completion, we will begin forward planning the repayment of your development loan by presenting development exit loan facilities. These may allow you to switch over to a product which could be more competitively priced and save you money in interest costs while you begin to sell your new homes to the open market.

Our developer proposition goes beyond the commercial support; we offer partnerships with your chosen sales agent to provide free mortgage services to your prospective buyers. Our developer partners can be assured that any prospective buyer’s mortgage arrangements will be handled and processed by new build mortgage experts who have access to an extensive panel of mainstream and specialist mortgage providers. See our new build and partnership sections for more information.

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