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Bridging, Auction and Refurbishment Finance

You may wish to consider bridging finance if you are looking to purchase a property at auction, refurbish a property or complete on a purchase where the chain has collapsed. Bridging finance is typically designed to act as a short-term loan facility which can be delivered fast because of the flexibility and minimal underwriting criteria compared with a traditional mortgage provider. These lenders are not led solely by household income but prefer to make their judgement based on the creditworthiness and experience of the borrower. Lenders will consider the quality of the security being offered to them and how the loan will be repaid at the end of the term.

Providence Global Finance have partnerships with a variety of bridging providers across the market which allows us to offer innovative, fast paced financing solutions to ensure our clients do not to miss their opportunity.

If you are reliant on an onwards loan facility to re-pay the bridging loan, our advisors have the expertise to work with you to simultaneously plan and begin the application process for your exit loan to repay the bridge and save you money.

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