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Next Generation Platforms  

A digital experience which has been designed and equipped ready for you. 

Multiple Service Management 

Whether you use us for one or all our services, our mortgage, protection and wealth management propositions can all be processed, tracked and managed from the same online customer platform.

Automated Reminders

Missing your mortgage renewal date can be a costly mistake as your mortgage payments can significantly increase. Our systems send automated reminders three months in advance to allow time for us to find you a more competitive deal in the market.

Smart Scheduling

Take advantage of our on-demand scheduling tools to ensure you can book an appointment to speak to your advisor and avoid calendar conflicts. In just a few simple clicks, you can use view your advisor’s real-time calendar and instantly book a telephone or video call. Forward plan your schedule, cut down on attempted calls and even add additional parties to the call at your convenience.

24/7 Document Cloud Access

 Your customer portal will store electronic versions of your important financial documents for future safe keeping. Access your documents at any time via our website using your log in credentials.

Online Security 

Having the confidence to share your personal data is a big step. Our platforms have bank graded approved security features which mitigates any risks to your data when sharing your personal information. Your documents can be securely uploaded via the online customer portal from any device.

Track Your Assets

Become closer to your assets and get valuable insights to monitor the performance of your properties. Powered by HomeTrack, this feature will allow you to track the open market values of your properties and analyse your mortgage balances to gauge your equity position.

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